Which is the best class for a beginner? 

Our beginning level class is called Jval Hot Yoga. We also have our Jval Basics I & II at our Newhall studio to further breakdown the yoga postures, to help you learn to use props like blocks and straps and to allow more time for dialogue with the instructor during the class for any questions that arise. (Our schedule of classes and times are on this site.) At our Westport location, we offer the Intro to Jval 60 minute class in a gently heated room.


What should I bring to my first class?

Bring water, a large sized towel, a smaller towel for your face and a mat.  If you do not have these things you can rent or buy them at the studio. Wear comfortable clothing. Women should wear yoga pants, sports bra, and a tank top. Men can wear board shorts or long shorts and a tank top. Please remove your socks.


Do I need to register online before my first class?

No. The website won’t let you register online for your first class because we want you to come in to fill out and sign a registration form. Please show up 20 minutes before your very first class.


Should I eat before class?

We recommend you keep an empty stomach, hydrate with at least 16 ounces of water, and avoid caffeinated beverages for at least 2 hours prior to exercise.


Do you have any specials for new students?

Yes! 10 consecutive days for $25. At the end of the Introductory period, you will have an opportunity to enroll in auto-debit unlimited yoga and receive the last month free. There is a 4 month payment commitment required.


Do you have a free trial class?

No, because it really takes several classes for your body to acclimate to the heat. So we don’t want you to take just one class. That’s why we offer such great introductory packages.


Do you have lockers?

Yes. Please bring your own locks to use these lockers. We also have cubbies in the lobby, in the main studio, and in the dressing rooms.


What’s the benefit of the heat?

The heat aids in detoxification, facilitates fat loss, allows you to go deeper into the poses by improving flexibility and balance, relieves stress and tension, stimulates white blood cell production, and increases blood circulation. After class you will feel energized, rejuvenated, and cleansed.


How many calories can I expect to burn in a Hot Yoga Class?

You can expect to burn between 700-900 calories in a 90 min class.  


Where do I park? 

At the Newhall location, there is plenty of parking in the back of the studio and you can enter from the back.  The Westport marina location has lots of street parking on Tradewinds. Follow Tradewinds  past the two yellow buildings as it curves to the left.  We are located on the marina side/back side of the 2nd yellow building, 2nd business on your left just past the realtor office. There is always plenty of parking in the lot as well, just a slightly longer walk down the stairs and to your right along the water.