I fell in love with Hot Yoga over a decade ago while I was seeking to recover from a work related injury. It was the first time I was drenched in sweat after working my body and my mind. My neck injury greatly improved and I was hooked. After discovering yoga's transformative effects, I began researching how yoga could  help the most helpless; my students with special needs in the SDC I taught at a local elementary school. I earned a Certification in the Sonia Sumar Method: Yoga For the Special Child, which taught my students how to calm their bodies down, give them a greater sense of their place in space and improve their bodies balance, strength and flexibility as well as their minds. I furthered my yoga studies and received my hot yoga certification at Hot Yoga Valencia and changed my life’s work to teaching yoga full-time. Helping all people from infants to adults. After taking a 200 Hour Power Yoga certification with Core Power Yoga,  I registered with Yoga  Alliance as an Experienced Yoga Teacher and ventured out to open a Hot Yoga Haven studio. It's truly a gift to share my life’s passion with my students. I consider my teaching style as joyful yoga, guiding my students to engage in self exploration, stillness and joy within each asana. All of my classes end with a cold lavender scented towel placed on their eyes and a coconut oil foot rub. It's truly a bit of heaven at my Haven.


I fell in love with yoga after taking the Basic Program with my mentor; Sonia Sumar, creator of Yoga for the Special Child. I knew my calling is to work with kids with Special Needs. I have been teaching group and individual classes to these special kids and typical kids for several years. I oversee the Kids Programs and instruct the Kids First Yoga classes at HYH. I use Yoga and Music as therapeutic tools to calm and inspire my students. Music rejuvenates and soothes the mind, soul and body.  Last year I completed the HYH 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification and teach Gentle Hatha Yoga & Meditation.


My love for yoga began many years ago. I was drawn to yoga because of the physical benefits and I soon realized that I found a practice that awakened my spirit and calmed my mind as well. I love the way yoga keeps me feeling more centered and peaceful after every practice. Whether in healthy times or times or injury my practice has always been there for me. I completed my training through Hot Yoga Haven in August of 2008 and also trained with Core Power Yoga and in April of 2011 received my Yoga Alliance 200 hr certification. I hope to encourage students to remember the great potential inside them and inspire them to shine. When not on my mat I enjoy traveling and spending time with family and friends. 


My interest in Yoga began almost forty years ago when I first started taking classes at the local YMCA.  For the longest time, I viewed Yoga as a supplement to my other exercise activities – martial arts, running. I took my first hot yoga class over ten years ago, I still vividly remember the looks on family’s faces when I returned from a class drenched in sweat and beaming. After my initial ten day intro (which I went every single day!), I decided to make Yoga front and center in my exercise regimen. Over time, I came to discover that there is much more to Yoga than physical benefits, the taming of my mind and emotions has greatly improved my ability to meet the challenges of work and family. However, the most rewarding aspect is sharing Yoga with others through teaching.  I really enjoy the camaraderie and connectivity that develops in a class and within the studio.  In addition to my previous training, I have recently completed my Yoga Alliance 200 hour certification which has improved my ability to serve our Yoga community.  


Yoga and meditation have been a part of my life since 2007. This practice has helped me grow stronger emotionally, physically, and spirituality.
I completed the 200‐hour training at Hot Yoga Haven. My practice and classes are informed by training and leading classes for those impacted by trauma and abuse and

underserved populations. I completed The Prison Yoga Project Teacher Training for teaching yoga in prisons and rehabilitation facilities. I am a member and student of the Self‐Realization Fellowship and Agape International Spiritual Center.
I love to combine creative sequencing, energy balancing, and meditation in my classes. I have trained in Tai Qi Qong and use elements of that art in my practice and classes. I encourage my students to listen to their own bodies, move with their own breath. I encourage and invite requests to work on specific parts of the body or to include certain poses.

My joy is to spend time with friends and family, watch my son play basketball, go to the beach, and dance. I volunteer at California State Prison, leading maximum‐security inmates in yoga and meditation. I have also taught yoga and meditation at Chino women’s prison and teach at our local homeless shelter. Karma yoga is my favorite form. People who have been discarded by society and still manage to smile and laugh are truly beautiful master teachers.

I am grateful to all of my teachers for their care, wisdom, and generosity of time. They continue to inspire me and fuel my insatiable desire for learning. 

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14 years ago, when I encountered Yoga for the first time, I didn’t know it was going to lead me to the path of teaching and change my life. My practice developed quickly into a passion. I realized the incredible benefits and I knew I had to share
the gift of Yoga with others.

I started my journey to become a teacher in 2006. I am a 500‐hour Hatha Yoga E‐RYT certified teacher (Black Dog Yoga Los Angeles). I am also trained in Breath work with (Dr. Belisa Vanich, Unplug Meditation) and Restorative Yoga (Sigrid Matthews.) I am trained in Kids Yoga (Golden Bridge Yoga) and Yoga for kids with special needs (Sonia Sumar). I love to learn and I love to share with my students anything that I discover during this journey. I am a student myself as I am also a teacher.

What fascinates me about Yoga is the potential of healing from within and the opportunity to transform our lives. With a background as an RN I have always felt the
urge to help others and in teaching Yoga I have an opportunity to reach out to others and guide them through a mental, physical and spiritual journey. I’m striving to bring into the room a place of peace calm and contentment where all can find a place where they feel

that they belong. I teach JVAL, Vinyasa flow, Prenatal, Yoga for children, Restorative and the Teacher Training 200‐hour RYT.
“He/she who knows others is wise

but he/she who knows himself is enlightened.” By Lao Tzu 


My love of yoga was through meditation about 15 years ago. I fell in love with the breath/body connection and the calming nature that meditation offers. My first asana class came much later and it was at HYH, with Annelie. Her voice had me hooked, but the practice was a struggle; it put a mirror in front of my face (literally!) because I didn’t realize how unaligned and unaware of my body I truly was. The need to feel better in myself prompted me to take my first 200hr teacher training through HYH. In 2016, I continued my training with YogaWorks, completing another 200hr teacher training, immediately followed by the 300hr training course with YW. I still have my love for meditation, this I hope transfers into my classes including my love of Restorative and Therapeutics. This path has truly been a journey for me and I am grateful to bring all my training and knowledge full circle and be a part of the HYH family. Om Shante 


A native of Los Angeles, born and raised, I have been practicing yoga for a short time, however, in that short time I have credited yoga with changing my life in numerous positive ways. Yoga has had such a positive impact in my life that I went on to complete my 200‐hour teacher training at Hot Yoga Haven and certified through Yoga Alliance. I have also completed various trainings on Trauma Informed yoga. My passion is to share the gift of yoga with as many communities as possible. 


My love of yoga began almost twenty years ago. I found peace and balance in my practice and looked forward to my time on my mat. It helped my spirit grow, taught me patience, made me more grateful, and brought peace to my otherwise hectic life. My practice keeps me centered and helps me be my best self. These positive changes inspired me to become an instructor. I completed my training through Hot Yoga Haven in 2011 and received my Yoga Alliance 200‐hour certification with YogaWorks in 2012. My vinyasa flow classes are available to students at every level of practice. I especially love to play with inversions and arm balances. It is an honor and privilege to teach yoga and encourage spiritual, physical and metal growth in others. 


My yoga story began at Hot Yoga Haven in the summer of 2015. Embarking on a Yoga Journey in the

middle of a Santa Clarita summer sounds like a crazy time to start a Hot Yoga practice, but I was

hooked after just a few classes. I feel accomplished and rejuvenated after each and every class that I

take and that I teach. In 2016, I enrolled in the Yoga Alliance 200 hr. teacher training certification

program offered at Hot Yoga Haven, and began teaching following completion. In 2017, HYH started

a 6‐Week Strong Yogi Challenge program, for which I am currently the Challenge Coach for. My

Professional background is in retail, where I have over 20 years’ experience and a degree in Business

Management, which has enabled me to utilize my specialty as acting Co‐Manage of the Hot Yoga

Haven Newhall location. 


I have spent my adult life devoted to helping my community become more fit. After serving in the USMC,

I obtained my first certification through International Sports Sciences Association, specializing in body

sculpting and weight loss. I have since evolved through movement and functional training, as well as

strength and conditioning, I work as a strength and conditioning coach for local high school sports teams

as well as Private training for beginning and veteran athletes. I currently hold a certification as a sports

performance coach from USA Weightlifting as well as TRX. I recently completed the Yoga Alliance 200 hr.

teacher training certification offered at Hot Yoga Haven. In 2017, HYH started a 6‐Week Strong Yogi Challenge

program, for which I am currently the Strength Trainer for.

I attended my first hot yoga class 13 years ago and hated it. However, I was determined to get my money's worth for the package I purchased and surprised even myself as I continued to come back. After a few classes, I started  adjusting to the heat and noticed how much better I felt the rest of the day. Keeping yoga a constant in my life was a struggle, but the time on my mat always paid dividends into the other areas of my life. I finally started teaching yoga in December 2016 and absolutely love it. Seeing the stress melt away from my students' faces and hearing how much their yoga practice enriches their lives brings me joy.  I am eternally grateful to all my yoga teachers and mentors that have each revealed yoga to me in their own special way.  I hope to do the same for others. 
Yoga reflects life with all of its ups and downs, challenges and successes and I love it! The best part about yoga is that it is an amazing tool that allows us to better balance our life and make us better versions of ourselves. I have been doing yoga on and off since college and always enjoyed the way it made me feel. Each class always taught me some kind of lesson either in my body or the way I was thinking and it made me change how I saw the world. I was a high school teacher for 17 years and thought when I took some time off, I would look into teacher training. I never thought I would do hot yoga but it was Janina and Kevin who told me that HYH was having a training and with all the research I did on other places, I found that HYH was the place for me. My first class was with Catherine (Kalyani) and with her energy, kindness and love, I knew I not only found a great studio but a second home. I completed my 200 hr training at HYH and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, besides marrying my husband (who is also now a huge fan of hot yoga!) I got to know many of the teachers through the training and truly feel we are a family at HYH. I did the Yoga Sequencing Training with Annelie and once again was taught by a great master and reminded of how much I love to learn. Every class I take and teach I learn and grow even more, I also have my stumbles and that is what helps me grow. Every day I step on to the mat I am different, and I only hope that when I step off the mat, I can be a better person out in the world. I love yoga and I enjoy running, hiking, and traveling and spending time with my husband, family, friends and dog. I also enjoy volunteering at the SCV food bank, teaching at the Senior Center, and I am so thankful for the awesome resources of the SCV, especially for Hot Yoga Have
My name is Lexie Jones and I am a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Group Fitness Instructor. My hobbies are running and sports as I am a mother of a son who plays both baseball and football. We are a very active family. I have been teaching fitness classes since 2005 and Yoga since 2016. I am also a veteran of the US Army Reserves serving for 8 years as a Military Police officer. It was my time in the Army that my love of fitness and helping people grew. I went to College of the Canyons and received an Associate Degree in Kinesiology and became a certified AFAA Group Fitness Instructor. I have also run several marathons and half marathons -  I first used yoga and mainly Hot Yoga to help me recover after races. I began to practice yoga regularly around 2013. Practicing regularly was very eye opening for me. After growing in my own yoga practice, I soon realized that I wanted to help people more than with their physical health; I wanted to help reach out to them in a more mindful and spiritual way and became a yoga teacher.  It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. My favorite part of what I do is when people leave feeling better than when they came and when they feel so grateful for the time spent on their mats. I love that I can help guide people to happiness within their selves.  I currently teach Jval Hot Yoga, Hot Power Fusion, Hatha Yoga and Yoga Sculpt.


Let me start by saying I LOVE YOGA!!!!!! i have been practicing for over 20 years and I have learned so much through my own journey. Depending on where I am in my life, my practice continually changes. In 2016, I was certified through Yoga Alliance 200 hour Teacher Training and I decided i wanted to share my experiences and what I have learned with others.Yoga cultivates compassion and love. It inspires, humbles and calms me. Simply put, yoga makes me happy.My hope is to be able to share all of those experiences and help others with their own personal yoga journey.Most importantly,when students walk into my class, I want them to know they are in a safe environment. It is their time to completely let go and nurture their mind, body and spirit. Namaste 

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